Understanding ‘failed To Mount Component: Template Or Render Function Not Defined’ In Vue.js

Understanding ‘Failed to Mount Component: Template or Render Function Not Defined’ in Vue.js


In Vue.js, the error message ‘Failed to Mount Component: Template or Render Function Not Defined’ is encountered when a component is missing either the template or render function. These functions are essential for rendering the component’s user interface (UI).


1. Component Definition:


In Vue.js, components are defined using the Vue.component method or an object/class-based syntax. Both approaches require the component to have a template or render function defined.

2. Template Function:

The template function is a string that defines the component’s HTML structure. It uses a special syntax called Vue template syntax to bind data and event handlers.


export default {
  template: `<div>Hello {{name}}</div>`,

3. Render Function:

The render function is a JavaScript function that returns a Virtual DOM (VDOM) tree describing the component’s UI. It is a more flexible alternative to the template function.


export default {
  render(createElement) {
    return createElement('div', `Hello ${this.name}`);

4. Error Cause:

The error occurs when a component is registered without a template or render function. This can happen if:

  • The component did not have either function defined in the component definition.
  • The component definition was incorrect or incomplete.
  • There was a typo in the component’s name or registration.

5. Troubleshooting:

To resolve the error, ensure that:

  • The component has a valid template or render function defined.
  • The component is properly registered using Vue.component.
  • The component’s name is spelled correctly and matches the registration name.## Understanding ‘Failed To Mount Component: Template Or Render Function Not Defined’ In Vue.js

Executive Summary

This article delves into the ‘Failed To Mount Component: Template Or Render Function Not Defined’ error in Vue.js, examining its causes, potential solutions, and preventive measures. By addressing these issues, developers can ensure seamless component functionality in their Vue.js applications.


Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, enables component-based development. However, developers may encounter the error ‘Failed To Mount Component: Template Or Render Function Not Defined’ when attempting to mount a component. This error indicates that a crucial component property, either the template or the render function, is missing or not defined correctly.

Causes and Solutions

1. Missing Template

  • Ensure that the component has a defined template property.
  • Specify the template using the <template> tag or the template: "..." option.

2. Missing Render Function

  • Confirm that the component has a defined render function.
  • Define the function as render() {} and return a valid virtual DOM tree.

3. Incorrect Syntax

  • Verify that the template or render function is written in valid JavaScript and Vue.js syntax.
  • Ensure proper indentation, brackets, and variable declarations.

4. File Type Mismatch

  • Check that the component file is saved with the .vue extension.
  • Vue.js expects components to be written in single-file components (SFCs).

5. Build Configuration

  • Inspect the build configuration to ensure it correctly processes Vue.js components.
  • Configure your build tool (e.g., webpack, Rollup) to handle SFCs and transpile the template and render function properly.

Preventive Measures

  • Implement linting to enforce coding standards and prevent common syntax errors.
  • Use template compilation pipelines (e.g., pug, handlebars) to facilitate template maintenance and prevent runtime errors.
  • Utilize code snippets and templates to streamline component creation and reduce the chances of omissions.
  • Regularly update and test your build configuration to ensure it supports the latest version of Vue.js.


By understanding the causes and implementing the solutions discussed in this article, developers can effectively resolve the ‘Failed To Mount Component: Template Or Render Function Not Defined’ error in Vue.js. Adhering to preventive measures can further minimize the occurrence of this error, ensuring reliable component mounting and robust application performance.

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  1. I have been a Vue developer for years. I also had this issue a few times and found that usually its not an error in your code. Its about versioning of vue and the packages you are using. Do a clean install of all packages and check if the versions of the different packages are compatible.

  2. This article is a waste of time. Even if you follow every step it will not fix you issue. The only thing that fixes the issue is a clean reinstall.

  3. If you are getting this error, you are using Vue.js wrong. Maybe you should learn a bit more about the framework.

  4. I think the author of the article is just trying to scare new Vue.js developers. This error is not that hard to fix.

  5. If you are getting this error, you should just give up on Vue.js and use React instead. React is a much better framework.

  6. I have been using Vue.js for years and never encountered this error. I think the author is just making stuff up.

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