Ubuntu Mate Vs. Mint Mate: Mate Desktop Mastery

Ubuntu Mate Vs. Mint Mate: Mate Desktop Mastery


When choosing a Linux distribution, the desktop environment is a key consideration. For users who prefer a traditional, GNOME 2-like experience, the MATE desktop environment is a great option. MATE is available in two popular distributions, Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE. Both distributions offer a stable and user-friendly experience, but there are some key differences between them.


Ubuntu MATE is an official Ubuntu flavor that uses the MATE desktop environment. It is a good choice for users who want a stable and up-to-date system. Ubuntu MATE is also well-supported, with a large community of users and developers.


Mint MATE is a derivative of the popular Linux Mint distribution. It uses the MATE desktop environment and offers a more polished and user-friendly experience than Ubuntu MATE. Mint MATE also comes with a number of pre-installed applications, making it a good choice for users who are new to Linux.

Here is a table that compares the key features of Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE:

Feature Ubuntu MATE Mint MATE
Base distribution Ubuntu Linux Mint
Desktop environment MATE MATE
Stability Stable Stable
Support Good Excellent
User-friendliness Good Excellent
Pre-installed applications Few Many

Overall, both Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE are excellent choices for users who prefer the MATE desktop environment. Ubuntu MATE is a good choice for users who want a stable and up-to-date system, while Mint MATE is a good choice for users who want a more polished and user-friendly experience.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing between Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE:

  • Hardware requirements: Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE have similar hardware requirements. However, Mint MATE may require slightly more RAM and storage space than Ubuntu MATE.
  • Software availability: Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE have access to the same software repositories. However, Mint MATE may have a wider selection of pre-installed applications.
  • Community support: Both Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE have active communities of users and developers. However, Mint MATE may have a slightly larger community than Ubuntu MATE.

Ultimately, the best way to decide which distribution is right for you is to try them both out. Both Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE are available as live CDs, so you can try them out without installing anything on your computer.## Ubuntu Mate Vs. Mint Mate: Mate Desktop Mastery

Executive Summary

The MATE (Most Advanced Technology Environment) desktop environment is a popular choice for Linux users, offering a traditional, user-friendly experience. Two prominent MATE-based distributions are Ubuntu and Mint, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

This comprehensive exploration compares and contrasts Ubuntu MATE and Mint Mate, providing valuable insights to aid users in making an informed choice based on their specific needs.


With the plethora of Linux distributions available, choosing the right one can be daunting. The MATE desktop environment, known for its ease of use and familiar layout, is a sought-after option. However, selecting between Ubuntu MATE and Mint Mate merits careful consideration.

Feature Comparison

Distribution Foundation

  • Ubuntu MATE: Based on the popular Ubuntu distribution, offering a vast software ecosystem and long-term support.
  • Mint Mate: Built upon the Linux Mint distribution, known for its user-friendly approach, community involvement, and long-term support.

Package Management

  • Ubuntu MATE: Employs the apt package manager, providing access to a massive repository of software packages.
  • Mint Mate: Utilizes the apt and synaptic package managers, offering a balanced combination of ease of use and comprehensive package management.

Desktop Experience

  • Ubuntu MATE: Delivers a traditional MATE desktop with a panel at the top and a menu on the left, customizable with themes and extensions.
  • Mint Mate: Enhances the MATE desktop with a modern touch, featuring a bottom panel, a modern menu, and compatibility with Cinnamon themes and applets.

User Interface

  • Ubuntu MATE: Prioritizes a minimalistic approach, providing a clean and uncluttered interface with intuitive navigation.
  • Mint Mate: Embraces a more refined interface, with polished icons, modern fonts, and a cohesive visual design.

Community Support

  • Ubuntu MATE: Boasts a large and active community, offering extensive forums, documentation, and support resources.
  • Mint Mate: Enjoys a dedicated and passionate community, providing regular updates, forums, and a user-friendly support system.


Choosing between Ubuntu MATE and Mint Mate depends on individual preferences and needs. Ubuntu MATE excels with its stable foundation and vast software ecosystem, while Mint Mate shines with its polished interface and user-friendly experience.

Ultimately, the ideal choice depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the user. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each distribution, Linux enthusiasts can make well-informed decisions and harness the power of the versatile MATE desktop environment.

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  1. Interesting read! I’ve been using Mint Mate for a while now, but I’m always curious about other options. Ubuntu Mate seems like a good alternative. I’ll have to give it a try and see how I like it.

  2. Not sure I agree with all the points in this article. I’ve tried both Ubuntu Mate and Mint Mate and I prefer Mint Mate. It just feels more polished and user-friendly to me.

  3. Great article! I found it very informative. I’ve been using Ubuntu Mate for a few months now and I’m really happy with it. It’s a great option for those who want a lightweight and customizable desktop environment.

  4. I think the author is biased towards Ubuntu Mate. They don’t give enough credit to Mint Mate. In my opinion, Mint Mate is the better choice. It has a larger community and more support.

  5. So, Ubuntu Mate is the best Mate desktop environment, huh? Well, I guess that makes sense. After all, it’s in the name.

  6. I’m not sure what’s better, Ubuntu Mate or Mint Mate. But I do know that they both sound like they would be delicious on a sandwich.

  7. I’m so glad I found this article! I’ve been thinking about switching from Mint Mate to Ubuntu Mate, and now I think I’m going to do it. Thanks for the info!

  8. I’ve been using both Ubuntu Mate and Mint Mate for years. And I can tell you that they’re both great options. It really depends on your personal preferences.

  9. I’m a big fan of Ubuntu Mate. I think it’s the best Mate desktop environment out there. It’s lightweight, customizable, and very user-friendly.

  10. I don’t know about you, but I think Ubuntu Mate and Mint Mate sound like two characters from a buddy cop movie.

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