The Ultimate Guide To Minecraft’s Illagers And Raids

The Ultimate Guide To Minecraft’s Illagers And Raids

Minecraft Illagers and Raids are an exciting and challenging part of the game. They add a new level of difficulty and excitement to the game, and they can be a great way to test your skills and teamwork.

What Are Illagers?

Illagers are a group of hostile mobs that live in woodland mansions and pillager outposts. They are led by an illager captain, who is the most powerful illager of all. Illagers are armed with различные weapons, including bows, axes, and crossbows, and they can cause a lot of damage to players and their builds. Some of the most common types of illagers include:

  • Vindicators: These illagers are melee fighters who can deal a lot of damage with their axes. They also have the ability to teleport short distances, making them difficult to fight.
  • Evokers: Evokers are spellcasters who can summon vexes, which are flying creatures that can attack players. Evokers can also grant themselves and other illagers regeneration, making them harder to kill.
  • Pillagers: Pillagers are a new type of illager that was added in the Village & Pillage update. They are powerful raiders who can attack villages and players. Pillagers are armed with crossbows and can deal a lot of damage from a distance.

What Are Raids?

Raids are a new event that was added in the Village & Pillage update. They occur when a group of pillagers attack a village. Raids can be very challenging, especially if you are not prepared for them. There are several stages to a raid, and each stage gets progressively more difficult. The final stage of a raid is the siege, in which the pillagers will attempt to break down the village walls and destroy the village.

How to Prepare for a Raid

If you are planning on defending a village from a raid, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Build a wall around the village. This will help to protect the villagers from the pillagers.
  • Stock up on supplies. Make sure you have enough food, weapons, and armor to last through the raid.
  • Recruit some villagers to help you. Villagers can help you fight the pillagers and repair the village walls.

How to Defend a Village from a Raid

Once the raid begins, you will need to defend the village from the pillagers. Here are a few tips:

  • Focus on the illager captains. The illager captains are the most powerful illagers, and they can cause the most damage.
  • Use cover to your advantage. The pillagers will have a hard time hitting you if you are behind a wall or other cover.
  • Coordinate with the villagers. The villagers can help you fight the pillagers, so make sure you communicate with them and coordinate your efforts.

Rewards for Defending a Village from a Raid

If you are successful in defending a village from a raid, you will be rewarded with a variety of items, including:

  • Emeralds. Emeralds are a valuable currency that can be used to trade with villagers.
  • Experience points. Experience points can be used to level up your character and unlock new abilities.
  • Totems of undying. Totems of undying can be used to save your life when you are killed.

Illagers and raids can be a lot of fun, but they can also be very challenging. If you are planning on taking on a raid, make sure you are prepared and have a good strategy. With a little preparation and teamwork, you can successfully defend a village from a raid and earn some valuable rewards.# The Ultimate Guide To Minecraft’s Illagers And Raids

Executive Summary

Illagers are a hostile mob in Minecraft known for their attacks on villages and villages. Learn everything you need to know about Illagers and Raids, from their history and behavior to how to prepare and participate in raids and the rewards you can earn. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of Illagers and Raids, making it a valuable resource for Minecraft players of all levels.


Illagers are a hostile mob in Minecraft that can be found in groups of 3-5 in woodland mansions and occasionally in the Overworld. Illagers are widely disliked by the villagers, who reside in communities scattered throughout the game’s world. Illagers are characterized by their distinctive appearance, which includes a robe and a hood, often making them difficult to spot in the wilderness.


  • Hostile Mobs: Illagers are hostile toward players and villagers, meaning that they attack on sight.
  • Long-range Attacks: Illagers can attack players from quite a distance with spells, causing considerable damage.
  • Poison Effects: Illager attacks can also inflict poison effects on players, dealing constant damage.
  • Summoning Reinforcements: Illagers have the ability to summon reinforcements during raids, making them even more challenging for players to deal with.
  • Patrols: During the day, Illagers can be seen patrolling certain areas of the game world.


  • Village Attacks: Raids are events in which Illagers attack a village. Villagers can defend themselves, but players can also participate in raids to ensure victory.
  • Triggered by Bad Omen: Raids are triggered when a player enters a village with the Bad Omen status, which can be inflicted by killing a Pillager Captain.
  • Waves of Attackers: Raids consist of multiple waves of attackers, each with increasing numbers and difficulty.
  • Rewards: Successfully defending a village from a raid can result in valuable rewards, including enchanted items and experience.
  • Hero of the Village: Defeating raids consistently can earn a player the status of Hero of the Village, granting discounts and gifts from villagers.


  • Protection: Equip armor and use shields to increase defense.
  • Enchantments: Enhance armor and weapons with enchantments to boost your chances of survival.
  • Potions: Create and bring healing and resistance potions to aid you in the raid.
  • Traps: Set up traps around the village to slow down and damage Illagers.
  • Crossbows: Use crossbows to attack Illagers from a safe distance.


Illagers and raids add an exciting challenge to Minecraft for players of all levels. Understanding how Illagers behave and preparing adequately for raids can help players effectively defend villages and earn valuable rewards. Whether you are new to Minecraft or a seasoned adventurer, engaging with Illagers and raids promises thrilling experiences and opportunities for personal growth within the game.

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