Solving ‘unknown Column In ‘field List” Error In Mysql

The error “Unknown column in ‘field list'” in MySQL occurs when a query refers to a column that does not exist in the table. To resolve this error, you need to identify the missing column and either add it to the table or correct the query to refer to the correct column.


Here are some steps to fix this error:


  1. Check the column name: Ensure that the column name you are referencing in the query is spelled correctly and exists in the table. You can use the SHOW COLUMNS FROM <table_name> statement to verify the column names in a table.


  2. Check the table name: Confirm that you are referencing the correct table in your query. The error message often includes the table name where the missing column is expected.

  3. Alter the table to add the column: If the missing column does not exist, you can add it to the table using the ALTER TABLE <table_name> ADD COLUMN <column_name> <data_type> statement.

  4. Correct the query: If the column name is correct, check if you are using the correct table alias or join conditions in your query. Ensure that the query correctly references the table and the desired column.

  5. Restart MySQL: In some cases, restarting the MySQL server can resolve the error if it is caused by a temporary issue with the database connection or caching.

If the error persists or you encounter other issues, it is recommended to check the MySQL documentation or seek assistance from a database expert or MySQL support community.

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Comments 9
  1. U can try first checking if ur php file connects to the mysql server successfully without running any queries, if thats works then try to restart the mysql server and run the query again

  2. I think u can just use “ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE COLUMN old_column_name new_column_name data_type” query to rename the column and change its data type at the same time

  3. omg this is super useful thanks, i looked everywhere and found no solution for this error and this articel is the only thing that worked for me

  4. u know what, i was having this problem all day and i tried all the suggested solutions online as well as the ones in this articel and nothing worked, but i finally fixed the problem and how? by simply deleting this project and starting all over lol

  5. It doesn’t make any sense, there should be mor info in this articel. What kind of database are you using? What is the query u are trying to run?

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