Overcoming ‘git Push Rejected’ Error

Overcoming ‘git Push Rejected’ Error


When attempting to push changes to a remote repository, users may encounter the error message ‘git push rejected’. This error typically signifies that the local changes conflict with the existing state of the remote repository. Resolving this error requires understanding the underlying causes and implementing appropriate measures to address them.


One common cause of this error is when the local repository is out of sync with the remote repository. This can occur if another user has pushed changes to the remote repository since the last local pull operation. To resolve this issue, the user should perform a ‘git pull’ command to fetch the latest changes from the remote repository and merge them with the local changes.


Another potential cause is when the local changes introduce merge conflicts. This happens when the same lines of code have been modified in both the local and remote repositories, leading to conflicting versions. To resolve this, the user should manually resolve the merge conflicts by editing the affected files and committing the changes.

Uncommitted changes in the local repository can also trigger this error. Before pushing, the user should ensure that all changes have been staged and committed. This can be done using the ‘git add’ and ‘git commit’ commands respectively.

Additionally, the user should verify that they have the necessary permissions to push changes to the remote repository. This can be checked by examining the repository’s access control settings. If the user does not have write access, they will need to request access from the repository owner or an administrator.

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  1. It was very helpful article. I had been struggling with this error for days, and you ave finally fixed it for me. Thank you very much!!!

  2. This is the worst article I’ve ever read. It’s full of errors and doesn’t even explain how to fix the problem.

  3. This article is very informative. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to fix the ‘git push rejected’ error.

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