Mint Vs. Ubuntu Mate: Battle Of The Ubuntu Derivatives

Mint vs. Ubuntu MATE: Battle of the Ubuntu Derivatives


In the realm of Linux distributions, Ubuntu remains a formidable force, inspiring a multitude of derivatives. Among these offshoots, Mint and Ubuntu MATE stand out as prominent contenders. Both distributions are based on Ubuntu but offer distinct features and experiences tailored to specific user preferences. This article delves into the strengths and weaknesses of Mint and Ubuntu MATE, providing a comprehensive comparison to guide users in making an informed decision.


Focus and Design Philosophy


Mint prioritizes ease of use and accessibility, targeting users new to Linux or those seeking a familiar and intuitive computing environment. Its design philosophy revolves around providing a polished and user-friendly experience. In contrast, Ubuntu MATE emphasizes a traditional desktop experience akin to earlier versions of GNOME and Windows. It caters to users who prefer a more classic and familiar desktop layout.

Desktop Environment

Mint employs the Cinnamon desktop environment, known for its user-friendliness, customization options, and traditional taskbar design. Cinnamon provides a familiar and intuitive interface that resembles the Windows operating system. Ubuntu MATE utilizes the MATE desktop environment, which mimics the GNOME 2 desktop environment, featuring a panel at the top of the screen and a traditional menu system.

Software Ecosystem and Pre-Installed Applications

Mint comes with a curated set of pre-installed applications that cater to a wide range of user needs. These include web browsing (Firefox), office productivity (LibreOffice), media playback (VLC), and image editing (GIMP). Ubuntu MATE’s software selection aligns with its traditional desktop focus, offering essential applications such as Firefox, LibreOffice, and GIMP. Both distributions provide access to the vast repository of Ubuntu packages, ensuring users can find additional software to meet their specific needs.

System Requirements

Mint and Ubuntu MATE share similar system requirements, making them accessible to a wide range of computers. However, Mint tends to be slightly more resource-intensive than Ubuntu MATE due to its more polished and feature-rich desktop environment. Users with older or less powerful hardware may find Ubuntu MATE to be a more suitable choice.

Community and Support

Mint and Ubuntu MATE boast active and supportive communities that provide assistance and resources to users. Both distributions have dedicated forums, documentation, and online support channels where users can connect with each other and seek help with technical issues or general inquiries.


The choice between Mint and Ubuntu MATE ultimately depends on individual user preferences and priorities. Mint excels in providing a user-friendly and polished experience with a familiar desktop layout and a comprehensive set of pre-installed applications. Ubuntu MATE offers a more traditional desktop experience that may appeal to users who prioritize stability and a classic computing environment. Both distributions are backed by strong communities and offer access to the vast Ubuntu software ecosystem. By considering the key differences between these two popular Ubuntu derivatives, users can make an informed decision and select the distribution that best aligns with their computing needs.

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  1. I’ve tried both Mint and Ubuntu MATE, and I have to say that I prefer Mint. It’s more user-friendly and has a better selection of software.

  2. So, you’re telling me that there’s a new Linux distro that’s basically just a reskinned version of Ubuntu? How exciting.

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