Minecraft’s Most Challenging Achievements And How To Earn Them

Minecraft, with its boundless world of exploration, crafting, and survival, presents players with a myriad of achievements to conquer. These achievements, ranging from the relatively straightforward to the incredibly challenging, provide a sense of accomplishment and add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. Let’s delve into some of Minecraft’s most challenging achievements and explore how to earn them:

  1. “The End?”:

    • Achievement: Defeat the Ender Dragon.

    • Difficulty: Moderate to Hard.

    • Steps to Achieve:

      • Construct a Nether portal and travel to the Nether.
      • Locate a Nether Fortress and battle Blazes to obtain Blaze Rods.
      • Craft Eyes of Ender using Blaze Rods and Ender Pearls.
      • Throw Eyes of Ender to locate the End Portal.
      • Activate the End Portal by placing Eyes of Ender in the portal frame.
      • Travel to the End and confront the Ender Dragon.
      • Defeat the Ender Dragon by destroying its Ender Crystals and finally striking it down.
  2. “Into the Void”:

    • Achievement: Fall through the void.

    • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.

    • Steps to Achieve:

      • Find a deep hole or ravine.
      • Equip Elytra wings for a controlled descent.
      • Jump into the void and plummet until the achievement is earned.
  3. “How Did We Get Here?”:

    • Achievement: Enter the End through an End Gateway.

    • Difficulty: Hard.

    • Steps to Achieve:

      • Defeat the Ender Dragon to unlock End Gateways.
      • Locate an End Gateway in an End City or End Ship.
      • Activate the End Gateway by using an Ender Pearl.
      • Step through the activated End Gateway to earn the achievement.
  4. “Diamonds to You”:

    • Achievement: Craft a full set of diamond armor.

    • Difficulty: Moderate to Hard.

    • Steps to Achieve:

      • Mine diamonds by digging deep underground or exploring caves.
      • Craft a diamond pickaxe for faster mining.
      • Obtain enough diamonds to craft a full set of armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots).
      • Place the diamonds in the correct crafting grid to create the diamond armor pieces.
  5. “Monster Hunter”:

    • Achievement: Achieve 100% completion on all advancements and achievements.

    • Difficulty: Extremely Hard.

    • Steps to Achieve:

      • Progress through the entirety of Minecraft’s advancements and achievements.
      • Complete all of the Minecraft story-related achievements.
      • Explore the End, the Nether, and various other dimensions.
      • Master Minecraft’s crafting system and create advanced items and structures.## Minecraft’s Most Challenging Achievements and How to Earn Them

Executive Summary

Minecraft is a game filled with challenging achievements. These feats can range from building a simple house to defeating one of the game’s many bosses. While earning some achievements is easy other achievements require dedication, skill, and a lot of time. This article lists some of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft, along with tips on how to earn them.


Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to build anything they can imagine. The game has a wide variety of blocks and items that players can use to create their own worlds. Minecraft also has a number of achievements that players can earn by completing certain tasks. While some achievements are easy to earn, others are incredibly difficult. This article will take a look at some of the most challenging achievements in Minecraft and provide tips on how to earn them.

1. The Ringer Achievement

One of the most difficult achievements in Minecraft is “The Ringer.” This achievement requires the player to ring 10 bells at once. Only 1% of players who have purchased the game have earned this achievement.

  • Setup a suitable area: Find an open area where you can place the bells. Make sure there is enough room for you to walk around and ring the bells without hitting any obstacles. You can make a stack of scaffolding or dirt as your platform, as it will be easier to move.

  • Create 10 identical bell structures: Make a structure with 2 cobblestones and three wooden planks with the bell on top of the wooden planks in every structure.

  • Place the structures in a circle: Position the structures so that only the bells ring when hit. Having them too close to each other will distort their sound, preventing you from earning the achievement.

  • Pull out your bow and arrows: To activate the bells, back away from them and shoot an arrow at the bell in one of the blocks. Stand within earshot of the bells and shoot an arrow to hit the bells simultaneously.

2. Return to Sender Achievement

The Return to Sender achievement requires the player to kill a skeleton using an arrow that the skeleton fired. This means getting shot by a skeleton, quickly picking up the arrow and shooting the skeleton back before it despawns. Only approximately 6% of Minecraft players have been able to unlock the achievement.

  • Make a skeleton shoot an arrow at you: Equip an enchanted piece of armor to enable faster recovery from attacks, a pickaxe for destroying the skeleton’s spawn block if it arises, food for recovery, and shield and a bow and arrow. Stand at a distance to ensure the skeleton fires an arrow at you.

  • Approach the arrow and pick it up: Move to where the arrow is and get close enough to collect it as you should collect it before the skeleton despawns. Staying close to the arrow as it drops will help ensure you collect it quickly.

  • Shoot the arrow back at the skeleton: Now that you’re holding the arrow, go after the skeleton and aim your bow and arrow at it. To increase your accuracy, look directly at the skeleton before you shoot the arrow.

  • Be aware of the skeleton’s health bar: Use your sword to finish the skeleton off if you were unable to kill it with one arrow.

3. The Beaconator Achievement

The Beaconator achievement requires the player to obtain all the status effects in Minecraft. Doing so requires brewing multiple potions and using specific ingredients found in various dimensions of the game. Only 0.8% of Minecraft players have earned this achievement.

  • Obtain the positive Potion effects: Collect the positive effects by creating potions like Fire Resistance, Night Vision, Strength, and Regeneration. To find these recipes, search for them online as you gather their ingredients. A brewing stand, Netherwart, a blaze rod, and glass bottles are a few of the items you will need.

  • Brew or locate negative potion effects: Gather cobwebs for Potions of Poison, fermented spider eyes for potions of weakness, gunpowder or magma cream for potions of harming or fire resistance respectively, and rotten flesh for potions of hunger. A brewing stand and nether wart are also necessary items for the potions.

  • Use commands to get the Dragon’s Breath effect: Find a dragon that breathes fire and lead it into the end portal so that it takes damage. Use a splash potion of Healing II to restore its health to replenish its dragon breath. Move close to its mouth and drink milk just before it breathes fire at you to get the effect.

4. The Two Birds One Arrow Achievement

The Two Birds One Arrow achievement requires the player to kill two Blazes with a single arrow. These hostile mobs shoot fireballs at the player and can only be found in the Nether. Only 2.5% of Minecraft players were able to earn this achievement.

  • Search for a fortress in the Nether: Find the Nether fortress where Blazes spawn. Use a bow and arrows, armor, and some food.

  • Trap two Blazes in one place: Locate two Blazes and lead them to a narrow space where they can’t move much. This will increase your chances of hitting them both with a single arrow. Trapping them also includes pushing them into enclosed spaces like Netherrack tunnels, between blocks, or into a corner.

  • Use the right angle and shoot slowly: Equip an enchanted bow to increase the arrow damage and shoot at them. Adjust your position until the arrow is in a straight line with two or more Blazes before shooting.

  • Watch for the health bar of the Blazes: Change arrows or use a sword if necessary.

5. The Monster Hunter Achievement

The Monster Hunter achievement requires the player to kill one of each hostile mob in Minecraft. These mobs include zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders, witches, and more. Only 0.8% of Minecraft players have earned this achievement.

  • Swords, Bows, and Potions: Depending on the mob and where you are in the game, you could use armor and enchantments to make your journey easier.

  • Locate mobs: Hostile mobs can be found anywhere in the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. Check online for details about where to find the mobs at various times.

  • Kill the hostile mobs: Learn how much damage a mob can deal to prepare properly. For example, normal zombies and skeletons deal five damage points, while piglins deal 10 damage points.

  • Consider the environment: Be cautious of fighting mobs in water if you don’t have Respiration enchantments or a water breathing potion. It also helps to have fire resistance potions for the Nether, especially if you encounter Blazes or Magma Cubes.


Earning these achievements is not easy, but it is possible with the right strategies and a lot of practice. By following the tips in this article, you will be well on your way to earning some of the most challenging achievements in Minecraft.

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