How To Use Cortana For More Than Just Voice Commands

How To Use Cortana For More Than Just Voice Commands

Executive Summary

  • Cortana plays several roles, one of which is a voice assistant accessed through voice commands.
  • Cortana cannot only handle voice commands but also helps users with different tasks.
  • Users should familiarize themselves with features that make Cortana beneficial beyond voice command capabilities.


Cortana is a versatile virtual assistant developed by Microsoft, easily accessed via voice commands, providing assistance with tasks and information. Cortana can do plenty more than just follow voice commands; it streamlines daily tasks, provides reminders, sets appointments, and even helps with web searches and a lot more.

Discover Cortana’s Capabilities Beyond Voice Commands

To uncover Cortana’s full potential, explore its various functionalities:

Cortana’s Note-Taking Abilities

Cortana offers a convenient way to jot down notes quickly and efficiently. Users can dictate notes using voice commands or type them in manually. Cortana also allows users to create and manage lists, making it an excellent tool for keeping track of tasks, shopping lists, or to-do items.

Cortana as a Task Manager

Cortana functions as a personal assistant, helping users stay organized and on top of their tasks. Users can add tasks to Cortana and set reminders to ensure they don’t miss important deadlines. Cortana also integrates with other Microsoft applications, allowing users to create and manage tasks from within Outlook, OneNote, and other apps.

Cortana’s Calendar Management

Cortana simplifies calendar management by enabling users to add events, set reminders, and schedule appointments directly through voice commands or by typing them in manually. Cortana can also sync with users’ Outlook calendars, ensuring that all appointments and events are up-to-date and easily accessible.

Cortana for Web Searches

Cortana enables users to conduct web searches quickly and easily. Users can ask Cortana questions about various topics or ask it to search for specific information on the web. Cortana provides concise and relevant search results, eliminating the need to open a separate browser window.

Cortana’s Entertainment Features

Cortana offers a range of entertainment features, including music playback, game recommendations, and trivia. Users can ask Cortana to play specific songs or artists, or they can ask it to recommend new music based on their preferences. Cortana can also suggest games to play and engage users with trivia questions, making it a fun and engaging companion.


Cortana is more than a simple voice assistant; it’s a versatile tool that can transform productivity and simplify daily tasks. By utilizing Cortana’s note-taking, task management, calendar management, web search, and entertainment features, users can unlock its full potential and streamline various aspects of their lives.

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  1. By default, Cortana uses data from Bing and other Microsoft online services to provide relevant search results, reminders, and other information. However, you can also add your own custom data sources to Cortana.

  2. Wow, Cortana has a lot more features under its hood than I originally thought. I can’t wait to implement these tips to enhance my Cortana experience!

  3. I found that Cortana is a pretty good virtual assistant, but I’m not sure if it’s the best one out there. I’ve also used Siri and Alexa, and I think they have some advantages over Cortana. For example, Siri is better at understanding natural language, and Alexa has a wider range of skills.

  4. Cortana really helps me tackle my never-ending to-dos but these tips have definitely taken my assistant game to the next level.

  5. To be honest, I found the tips a bit too basic. I was expecting something more advanced that would help me use Cortana more effectively.

  6. I can’t believe I’ve been using Cortana for so long and I didn’t know about these tips! They’re so helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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