Dealing With ‘error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown Provider’ In Angularjs

Dealing with ‘error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown Provider’ in AngularJS


When working with AngularJS, you may encounter an error message that reads “error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown Provider.” This error occurs when AngularJS is unable to find a provider for a service that is referenced in your code. The provider is responsible for instantiating and configuring the service, and without it, AngularJS cannot create instances of the service.


Causes of this error:


  • Typo in the service name
  • Missing or incorrect dependency injection annotations
  • Service is not registered in the module
  • Circular dependency

Potential Solutions:

  1. Check for Typos: Ensure that the service name referenced in your code is spelled correctly. Pay attention to capitalization and special characters.

  2. Verify Dependency Injection Annotations: AngularJS services must be defined with dependency injection (DI) annotations that specify which services they rely on. Check if the necessary DI annotations are present and correct.

  3. Register the Service in the Module: The service must be registered in the AngularJS module that is using it. This is typically done in the app.js or main.js file. Use the angular.module('moduleName').provider('serviceName', function() {}); syntax to register the service.

  4. Resolve Circular Dependencies: Circular dependencies occur when two or more services depend on each other. AngularJS cannot resolve circular dependencies out of the box. To resolve this, consider using a service locator like $injector.get('serviceName') instead of direct dependency injection.

  5. Restart the Application: Sometimes, restarting the application can clear any temporary errors that may have caused the “Unknown Provider” error.

Additional Tips:

  • Use a dependency injection checker to ensure that all services are properly annotated and registered.
  • Remove unused services or dependencies to eliminate potential conflicts.
  • Review the AngularJS documentation for more information on service providers and dependency injection.
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